Charters Dance Summer Show 2022



All classes are well underway with show practise and the children are thoroughly enjoying the change in routine and pace. As teachers we are also really enjoying involving the children in the choreography which is not something we always get to do in syllabus classes. 


Over the past two weeks most students will have tried on a costume for size and I think (hope) I now have everybody’s costume in the correct size and ready to go out. They are slowly taking over my house and I struggle to find my children in the morning because the boxes create good hiding places!!! So it’s time to hand them over to their new owners! Your child will be given their costume in the next two weeks.


Each costume will come with a few tags which includes 


    • Your child’s name, group and dance that they will be in.  

    • What the costume looks like when all put together and includes a note of what accessories are in the bag.  Please check the accessory list to your costume and let me know ASAP if something is missing.  

    • Anything extra you need to provide such as ballet tights/shoes




Please name each individual item of your child's costume including shoes/socks/tights/accessories.  


Please do not allow your child to play in their costume until after the show day.  There will be no spare costumes.  Any damaged or lost costumes will result in your child not being able to dance and no refunds will be given.


Please bring your costumes to Photo Day, Dress Rehearsal and Show day and then take home with you to keep. We will not need the costumes during normal class at any time. 

How to store and hang your costumes

Screenshot 2022-05-10 at 11.26.53.png

Quick reference:

Charters dance phone number: 07817691660



Show Address: Magna Carta Secondary School, Thorpe Road, Staines-Upon-Thames, TW18 3HJ

Important dates:

Saturday 18th June 2022 - Photo and Video day - specified times. Click here to book your time.

Sunday 26th June 2022 - Dress and Tech Rehearsal - Magna Carta School. See times below


SENIOR GROUP Grade 4, 5, 7 and 8 Ballet, Musical Theatre Senior, Senior Jazz all arrive at 9:15am.  Please arrive with hair and makeup done and wearing dance clothes.  Bring Costumes with to change into later.  Bring lunch, snacks and water.

JUNIOR GROUP Grade 1, 2, and 3 Ballet, Mini Jazz, Mini Musical theatre (Monday), Grade 1 and 3 Tap arrive 10:15am Please arrive with hair and makeup done and wearing dance clothes.  Bring Costumes with to change into later.  Bring lunch, snacks and water.

MINI GROUP Baby Ballet, Pre-Primary Ballet and Primary Ballet arrive at 1215pm. Arrive with hair, makeup and costume on.  Bring snacks and water. Please have lunch before arriving.  

All children to be collected at 3pm.

Sunday 3rd July - Show day


SENIOR AND JUNIOR GROUPS to arrive at Magna Carta by 12noon

MINI GROUP to arrive at Magna Carta by 12:30pm

Show times - 1pm and 3:30pm

Collection of all children after the second show approx 4:45pm.