Charters Dance Summer Show 2022


What to bring on Show day and Dress Rehearsal


Please ensure any medication required is packed and clearly labelled with instructions. Please also make sure that Rachel and the person checking in students has been made aware.


Costumes, dance shoes, tights, socks and dance underwear must be clearly labelled. Please leave your costumes hung on coat hangers and protected in the costume bag that is clearly labelled. 


Students should arrive with make-up and hair done, however please do not add lipstick.  Our supervisers will add lipstick.  IF you would prefer your child wear your lipstick and not use ours please pack one with a labelled name. The colour should be dark pink or red.


Instead of a bag, all students are encouraged to bring their belongings in a basket or box with their name, group, class, dance name. This will make it easier fo our volunteers to be able to find your child’s belongings and keep the dressing areas less cluttered. See picture below as an example.


Food and Drink - Costumes are easily ruined by food and drink stains. Students are not permitted to leave the backstage area so please pack enough food and drink for the entire time. It is important they have something nutritious to keep their energy up as well as something that won’t stain. NO nuts or nut products. They also need to bring A LOT of labelled water – NO soft drink, cordial, or juice as can stain the costumes. This is for both the dress rehearsal and show day.


Children are discouraged from bringing any valuables including phones, iPads and laptops. The venue and Charters Dance will not take responsibility for any items lost, damaged or stolen. 


Children should wear appropriate clothing for the weather.  Please avoid wearing tight neck tops as they are hard to get over a bun. A ginormous t-shirt (mum/dad size!) is perfect for putting over the top of costumes.  The neck will be big enough for slipping off over hair and the large t-shirt will catch any spills/crumbs from drinks and snacks.


Quick reference:

Charters dance phone number: 07817691660



Show Address: Magna Carta Secondary School, Thorpe Road, Staines-Upon-Thames, TW18 3HJ

Important dates:

Saturday 18th June 2022 - Photo and Video day - specified times. Click here to book your time.

Sunday 26th June 2022 - Dress and Tech Rehearsal - Magna Carta School. See times below


SENIOR GROUP Grade 4, 5, 7 and 8 Ballet, Musical Theatre Senior, Senior Jazz all arrive at 9:15am.  Please arrive with hair and makeup done and wearing dance clothes.  Bring Costumes with to change into later.  Bring lunch, snacks and water.

JUNIOR GROUP Grade 1, 2, and 3 Ballet, Mini Jazz, Mini Musical theatre (Monday), Grade 1 and 3 Tap arrive 10:15am Please arrive with hair and makeup done and wearing dance clothes.  Bring Costumes with to change into later.  Bring lunch, snacks and water.

MINI GROUP Baby Ballet, Pre-Primary Ballet and Primary Ballet arrive at 1215pm. Arrive with hair, makeup and costume on.  Bring snacks and water. Please have lunch before arriving.  

All children to be collected at 3pm.

Sunday 3rd July - Show day


SENIOR AND JUNIOR GROUPS to arrive at Magna Carta by 12noon

MINI GROUP to arrive at Magna Carta by 12:30pm

Show times - 1pm and 3:30pm

Collection of all children after the second show approx 4:45pm.