Can You support your teachers?

Thank you for the overwhelming positivity and support we have received since having to close our studio doors.  We’re enjoying leading daily dance classes and it is so wonderful to see so many of our students and their parents enjoying them.  Our work at Charters Dance has always been about the passion and enjoyment for dance so it is so good to be able to continue with that mission.

We are working hard to act responsibly toward your teachers who depend on Charters Dance for an income. So, we have no choice but to ask for help, in simple and direct terms. We ask this only of those who can afford it and who feel able to direct some of their support to Charters dance teachers. 

Below are a few amounts that you many choose as a Thank-you for the class. 

All amounts are welcome and none are too small.


If you would prefer to give an alternative amount you may do so via the usual charters dance account.


Your money will be split equally between the 3 teachers providing online classes.