Backstage helpers

The shows would not happen without the help of parents backstage. Dancing on stage is only one part of the experience for the children; they will also remember the buzz of getting ready with their friends and feeling the excitement building backstage.  This is where you come in!! To stay calm, positive and support the nervous energy and or extra energy the children may have!


Each helper will be given a small group of children to look after.  This will be your group at dress rehearsal and one of the shows.   All backstage helpers are requested to attend dress rehearsal which means we will have double adults to help on that first experience of the theatre.


Your main responsibilities will be to


Look after the general well being of each child within your group 

Get to know the children you are looking after and make them aware that you are there if they need help with anything

Help children get in and out of costumes

Staying calm and present

Keeping check on hair and makeup

Helping keep the backstage area tidy and orderly


Backstage helpers might not be placed in a group with their own children

Once you submit your details we will organise for a Volunteers DBS application in your name.

Rachel Moore

Rachel Moore, Principal

Phone: 07817691660


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