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Dance brings Joy

Each week we offer all levels of classes especially for adults.


We have two options for you to come along and enjoy our adult classes.  You may like to come and PAYG because of shift work, changes to usual routines or children who just won't go to bed on time!! We know what it's like so while we do love to see you each week, we try to stay flexible to help you out.

If you know that you can commit then you can pay for a term of classes which does work out a little cheaper and it may give you that extra motivation.

In these classes you can wear anything that is comfortable and easy to move in such as gym wear. Ballet shoes and Tap shoes are advisable in the appropriate classes but not necessary for the first one.  


Advanced Tap

Mondays 8:00 - 9:00 at St Cuthberts Primary School.

Relive your dream. Return to Tap.

You tapped as a child until you were about 18 but then you went off to pursue University and life just got in the way.  Come back! It's a great feeling to flex those muscles again (and those ankles!) and the routines that Rachel puts together each week will challenge you and bring joy.


£10 per lesson

Term starts Monday 13th September 2021 

After you have clicked BOOK NOW

When booking for the whole term (FULL ENROLLMENT) classes cost £9.  To choose this option just click CONTINUE.  When booking for select dates (CASUAL ENROLLMENT) classes cost £10. To choose this option make sure casual enrolment is selected, choose your dates and click continue.

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